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Why I’m Starting a Blog….

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Before opening my business I honestly thought that blogs were useless & self-centered. But after taking a few business courses I realized that blogs can serve as a gift to clients!! I love being a business owner—because I can make all the choices myself. And I’m choosing to create this blog to better serve my clients!! So, here are 5 reasons why I’m starting a blog for my photography business!!

#1. Easy to Share

A lot of my clients use social media—but not everybody does. Imagine I share a sneak peek of a wedding on Instagram & Facebook. Well, the bride and all of her friends can see that. But do you know you can’t? The brides’ grandmother, the bride’s friend who limits their social media use, the groom’s nephew who is too young for social media. So by creating a blog to showcase my recent work—my couples can easily share the link to their blog to everyone that they love—so everyone can enjoy these photos and memories with them!

#2: Educate Clients

Besides showcasing my recent work, I will have informational posts about the best colors, outfits, and locations for sessions. I’ll give you guys tips & tricks to rock your upcoming session! This will help my clients (and other) feel confident about their upcoming session!

#3: Photography Tips

When I was just starting out as a photographer—I searched EVERYWHERE for free education! Being a lifelong learner and teacher—I can’t help but to share photography tips, stories, and suggestions to help other beginning photographers!

#4: A Little Gift

The biggest reason why I’m starting this blog is to give a little gift to my clients!! I will create a blog for each of my session (starting in March, 2020). I honestly LOVE all of my clients and I want to do whatever I can to make them feel special, loved, and appreciated!! So I can serve my clients by dedicating a little spot on the internet for their love story!!



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