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I believe in:

I will help you feel confident in all parts of your business. From mastering lighting and camera settings, to booking your ideal clients and expanding your team through Associate and Internship programs.

What makes me happiest?  helping you exceed your photography business goals!

I was a teacher for 5+ years and have been mentoring photographers since 2020!

I even tried to take a photo without a lens attached (I didn’t know lenses existed back then, lol). It was at that moment that I realized I needed help. I turned to YouTube, books, blogs, and photography courses. I also spent hours practicing.

A couple of months later, I had my first paying client, and my business took off from there. Shortly after I began, I had other photographers reaching out to me because they weren’t getting the same results as me. I then decided to offer other photographers the help I had needed when I began by creating a mentorship program. 

Since beginning my program, I’ve helped transform the businesses (and lives) of so many amazing photogs!

When I bought my first camera off of Facebook Marketplace, I knew NOTHING, seriously! I was so clueless.

When I started, I needed help, too!

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  • Marketing + Booking Ideal Clients
  • Lighting + Flash
  • Outsourcing
  • Associate + Internship Programs
  • Settings + Gear
  • Marketing + Social Media
  • Elevating Your Business
  • Posing + Prompting
  • Client Experience
  • Photographing Weddings
  • + so much more!

My program helps with:

I offer in-person, online, and long-term mentorships for new and developing photographers who are ready to put in the hard work it takes to become a wedding, portrait, or family photographer. I also offer short-term video mentorships for established photographers who want to elevate their existing business and/or expand their teams!

What can I help with?

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Once we agree that we are a great fit, you’ll select whichever mentorship package works best for you. You will then sign the contract, pay the deposit, and prepare to transform your photography business!

Step 3 — Select Your Package

I will send over my mentorship package options, and we will also set up a time to chat over Zoom for a 15-minute complimentary intro call. During this call, we will get to know one another and start chatting about the areas in your business that you are looking to strengthen.

Step 2 — Intro Call

Fill out the contact form below with as much information as possible to give me an idea of whether or not I am the right person to help you with your photography business.

Step 1 — Inquire

What to expect

"“I’m obsessed with the shoot I had yesterday! I’m so happy with all I’ve learned from you and how far I’ve come. You’re truly the best mentor ever!”

“I seriously couldn’t have grown the way I did without your help!”

“I can’t believe it! You have helped me sooo much!! I’m so happy we’ve been working together. I’m thankful for you!”

What past Mentees are saying:


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