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Why You NEED A Second Shooter At Your Wedding

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Minnesota Wedding Photographer

A common question I get is “What is a second photographer and do we need one for our wedding?” Well, I’m here today to answer that question. A second photographer is someone who the main photographer hires to work with them on your wedding day! Personally, I work with outstanding photographer who I’ve mentored or who have plenty of wedding experience.

There’s a million reasons why I recommend adding a second-photographer to your package but here are the top 3 reasons!!

#1 More Moments Captured

Having a second photographer means that you will have more moments captured. For example, one photographer can have photos of you walking down the aisle AND the other photographer will be capturing your partner’s reaction!! Another example is one photographer can be focusing on your expressions during the first dance—and another photographer can capture the guest’s reaction!! With a second photographer—you’ll have more moments and memories captured.

#2 Diverse Final Gallery

The second reason why you should hire a second photographer is because your gallery will have more diverse photos. Second shooters aren’t taking the same exact photo as the main photographer–instead; they are looking for different perspectives to capture which means your final wedding album will have more unique photos. One photographer can use a wide-angle lens (pulled back version) and the other photographer can use a zoomed in lens—which will make for two completely different photos of the same event! Imagine having BOTH a close up photo of your first kiss AND a pulled back version!!

#3 Second Photographers are a Helping Hand.

Second photographers also act as an assistant for the main shooter–meaning they will be fluffing dresses, carrying gear, checking family-shot lists, and a thousand other things. This means that your wedding day will flow smoothly—because the second photographer can help with anything you or the main photographer needs!

I always recommend having a second photographer for your wedding day—and the majority of my clients choose to have a second photographer because they know valuable they are, especially for the cost (only $250-$350 depending on the length of your wedding day!) If you want a team of photographers that work well together, fill out the contact form below!! 🙂


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