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4 Save the Date Wedding Stationary Ideas!

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For your guests, part of the excitement of attending your wedding is the anticipation leading up to your big day! It seems like every year, couples get more and more creative with how they are announcing their wedding date. So today, I’m here to help share a few of Basic Invite’s save the date wedding stationery ideas!

Before I jump into sharing four ideas for your save the dates—I want to tell you a little bit about Basic Invite. They have over 9000 wedding stationary sets, which includes save the dates, invitations, matching thank you cards and everything else you need. They also offer other helpful resources like free wedding websites and free address collection services!!

For total transparency, this post is sponsored by Basic Invite—however, I honestly can say that they have GREAT and really unique options! Without further ado, here are my top four ideas for your save the dates!!

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#1 Save the Date Wedding Magnets

Save the date wedding magnets are a GREAT option because they SO FUNCTIONAL! Whenever I get a save the date in the mail, I always hang in on my fridge with a small (not very pretty) magnet. But if the save the date itself was a magnet—it would look so much better! Plus, your guests can use their magnet for years to come. Basic Invite has GREAT save the date magnet options—and they offer custom samples so you can see how it will print before placing your full order.

#2 Wedding Save the Date Post Cards

Another great option are wedding save the date post cards! There’s something romantic about post cards that would make great Save the Dates! How cute would it be to get post card styled save the date for a destination wedding or elopement?? Basic Invite’s post cards would also fit perfectly for vintage & rustic weddings!

#3 Custom Save the Date

Another great option is to make a custom save the date! Basic Invite has a great program that you to customize your look! Sometimes matching colors is hard, because some companies have limited color options. However, Basic Invite has over 180 different colors so you can be assured that the save the date, invites, engagement photos, and wedding decor all perfectly matched!! They make the process really easy to customize your look!

#4 Clear Save the Dates

Instead of putting your engagement photos on your Save the Date, why not go the simple route and get CLEAR save the dates. Yes, you heard that right. Basic Invite has GORGEOUS collections of see-through save the dates. Not only do these clear invites match everything, but they stand out from the crowd. They’re definitely one of my favorite options!! Check out these clear ones below!!

Clear Two.jpg

Clear One.jpg

Check out more save the dates & wedding invitation stationery at their website at







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